NFL Lockout Update: An 8-Game Season? Seriously?

Does anyone else find it hilarious that over the past year there has been much debate over the expansion to an 18-game regular season, but now the NFL is considering the possibility of an 8-game, shortened season? It was reported earlier in the week that the NFL has been discussing the 8-game season as an alternative should the lockout linger through the summer.

No other details have been uncovered other than that it is a possibility the league is discussing. No word on whether or not the season would just use the current schedule in place and start with game nine on the schedule, or if it will be tailored to the condensed format. What would happen with inter-division play if the already-set 2011 schedule kicks in? At that point, for some teams, two games against the same divisional opponent would have already passed while they may still play another team twice within that 8-game time frame.

If you look at my home team, the Philadelphia Eagles, they play each of their divisional rivals once in the first 8 games of the season… so the last 8 would even itself out with one game apiece within the division. Also even is the fact that the Eagles have 4 home games and 4 away games over the last 8 games of the season. However, if you look at a team like the Denver Broncos, who lead off the season playing the Oakland Raider (per the current schedule), and then play them again in week 9. Starting up the schedule in week 10 would have the Broncos and Raiders not playing each other at all in the shortened season, but then Denver would be playing the Kansas City Chiefs twice. I’m sure some teams have an uneven number of home and away games as well.

Nightmare? Yes. If the lockout affects the 2011 NFL season to the extent where the season would be shortened by half, it’s time to scrap the year and start anew in 2012. Of course, what is the main reason for the lockout? Money. And none of the assclowns involved in this lockout business will toss away the revenue earned by eight games.