Happy Fuchen Father’s Day

With Father’s Day around the corner you are probably scratching your head trying to think of the perfect gift for Dad. Well we found something that will definitely make Dad Fῡchen happy. Hitting the shelves of package stores across America is a new herbal liquor called Fῡchen. Fῡchen is a change up from your typical chilled herbal shots and is a lot easier to say.

Scotch and Bourbon are always the classic Father’s Day Bottles, why not go for something Fῡchen new. So this Father’s Day drop by your Dad’s, turn on the Fῡchen game and have yourself a great Fῡchen Father’s Day.

Fῡchen is just what consumers have been waiting for in this wildly successful selling category – a new, grown up herbal liquor. With its 750ml sleek, upscale and eye-grabbing proprietary red glass bottle and its “now that we’re all grown up, step up to Fῡchen” positioning,” Fuchen is easy to drink, fun to say, and offers endless play on fun with the “F” word.

Fuchen refines and sophisticates the square-shouldered German herbal liqueur category with a mingling of vanilla, cinnamon, and savory aromatics. Produced in small batches, Fῡchen is handcrafted for superior richness, tantalizing smoothness, and robust enjoyment.

U.S. sales of herbal liqueurs went from 50,000 cases in 1987 to a whopping 3 million in 2010. The leading brand in the category is ninth on the Impact Top Spirits Brands list worldwide. While many beer and wine brands share a small market, the leading herbal liqueur technically has no competition. “The success of imported competitor brands and the chance to enter the market with a product that is a guaranteed success convinced us to produce an American brand and enter the category,” said Mark Rehberger, brand manager for Fῡchen. “From packaging to promotion, to taste, Fῡchen is being sought by distributors across the USA as a crafty, viable contender. Our lead distributors truly believe Fῡchen, with its bright red bottle, is the new green!”

Fῡchen is a great chilled shot or nice chilled and sipped. The vanilla and spice aromatics make it especially nice as a sidecar for a Baltic Porter or Imperial Stout.