Partrick Peterson Signs Deal with Arizona Cardinals, All Top Ten 2011 Draft Picks Signed

Yesterday, we were saying that it looked like Patrick Peterson was being difficult to sign for the Arizona Cardinals. It didn’t even take a full day to prove us wrong. Yesterday evening Peterson agreed to a four year deal with the team that picked him fifth overall in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Only ten first round draft picks remain unsigned. The highest picks still left to sign are #11 J.J. Watt (Houston Texans) and #12 Christian Ponder (Minnesota Vikings). Also still left unsigned are #17 Nate Solder (New England Patriots), #18 Corey Liuget (Sand Diego Padres), #19 Prince Amukamara (New York Giants), #21 Phil Taylor (Cleveland Browns), #22 Anthony Castonzo (Indianapolis Colts), #23 Danny Watkins (Philadelphia Eagles), #24 Cameron Jordan (New Orleans Saints) and #30 Muhammad Wilkerson (New York Jets).

Which will be the last first rounder left standing when everyone else is signed? If you guess correctly, you can win a really great prize…

The First Picked/Last Signed Contest is unlike any other contest you’ve entered before, well, unless you entered the contest last year. Entrants are given the opportunity to predict who will be the very last first-round draft pick from the 2011 class to sign with the team that drafted him. Once you have made your choice, you could call it a day and wait until there is only one first rounder unsigned… OR, you can come back tomorrow, and every day until the contest closes, to submit your entry again.

That is correct, you can enter EVERY day until there is only one unsigned draft pick remaining. How you wish to enter the contest is your choice. If you think you know exactly who will be the biggest pain in the ass, you can stack the deck and pick the same player every day during the entry period, or you can can try every player still unsigned each day until the end date. Once there is only one unsigned draft pick remaining, we will pull all of the correct entries out of the pool and select an entry at random as the winner. The strategy is yours to decide.

It’s go time! Click here to enter your pick for the TMR Zoo First Picked/Last Signed Contest

What do I get when I win the First Picked/Last Signed Contest? AXE Hair has provided us with an NFL regulation football signed by the 2010 first overall draft pick Sam Bradford. Just look on eBay to see what an item like this is selling for. It is a great prize for any NFL fan or collector.

So who is it going to be this year? Time is running out. Enter now!