Jay Z Knocks Up Beyonce And Smacks Down Chris Brown

Rapper Jay Z is making news on two fronts today. First off congrats to Jay Z and his lovley wife Beyonce. They announced today that Beyonce is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Jay Z blew up after releasing the hit Hard Knock Life. He is now married to Destiny’s Child alumni Beyonce Knowles making them the biggest power couple in entertainment. The hard knocks seem to be over. 

Jay-Z is not only a talent rapper but also a phenomenal producer. Jay Z discovered R&B sensation Rihanna. It is no secret that Rihanna’s exboyfriend – singer and shitbag Chris Brown used Rihanna for a punching bag. This abuse enraged Jay Z who was reported to say “Chris is a walking dead man.”.

Last night Jay Z and Chris Brown were at the same event. Chris Brown brought down the house at the 2011 MTV VMAs. Chris’ peers in the entertainment industry went wild over his performance including is little buddy Justin Bieber. That was all but one….Jay-Z stared Chris Brown down. Jay Z refused to clap for Chris Brown.

Just another reason to love Jay Z. Our best to him and his bride we wish them a happy and healthy baby.