Slavery: The Game Release Date and Trailer

Our peeps at MediaTakeOut posted this YouTube video for a new game called Slavery: The Game. Seeing we do a bit more gaming news around here than our friends at MTO, I best point out that this does not tie to any real developer or game studio. Javelin Reds Games is not a real studio.

I am going to call bullshit on this and say it is a joke. If is a joke it is twisted but if Dave Chappelle did this people would call it comic genius. On the other hand if this is a real game. ..someone needs an ass whipping.

From MTO: Ever since our SO-CALLED Black leaders began allowing people to speak RECKLESS about President Obama, the level of PUBLIC DISRESPECT against Black people has reached EPIC PROPORTION

First, the skin-care company NIVEA said that Black people need to be RE-CIVILIZED. Then VOGUE Magazine called all Black people SLAVES.

Now check out the new video game being made. It’s called SLAVERY: The Game:

In the off chance this is a game don’t expect to see it on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii anytime soon. Something this heinous would never get approved for those platforms. So for now we have to say the release date for Slavery: The Game is never.