Could The NFL Be The Next Stop For Chaz Bono?

After appearing on Dancing With The Stars professional football players Chad Ochochino, Jason Taylor and Hines Ward all went on to play football in the NFL. Some think the conditioning and coordination it takes to prepare for the show is great for a professional football player. I think the show could be a gateway into the NFL for one of this season’s contestants.

Chaz Bono could be the first to make the transition from woman to man to DWTS to The NFL. There are reports that Chaz Bono lost 5 lbs. in six days of training for the show. If we can get Chaz Bono down to maybe a svelte Vince Wilforkish 325 lbs he could be asset to a lot of teams. Chaz is build like an defensive lineman.

Chaz looks to me like a formidable hole stuffer. There are a lot of teams out there that could used a little extra size on the o-line. Chaz Bono could also be used on the other side of the ball. Something tells me Chaz would have no problem opening holes for the running game.

There are a few questions that would first need to be cleared up before Chaz joined the NFL. Would the equipment manager have to give Chaz a jock cup or could he just leave his penis in his locker? Also certain times of the month would Chaz require more pads than the other players?

If Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis is reading this you need to get on the phone now. Lord knows New England Patriots owner Robert Craft is probably already dialing.