Gear Review: Accell PowerSquid Surge Protector and Power Conditioner

A typical linear power strip can be a pain if you need to plug in multiple transformer plugs. The odds are that you won’t even be able to use one or two of the sockets in the strip due to a few fat transformers. There have been quite a few “solutions” to that problem, but most of them are either ridiculously expensive or defeat the purpose of the power strip. Accell appears to have combined an effective surge protector with a low price point in their “PowerSquid”.

The Accell PowerSquid surge protector and power conditioner can accommodate five plugs, even transformer plugs (even five separate transformer plugs), with ease. It isn’t just a gimmicky product with a cool name either, the PowerSquid will provide you with up to 1080 Joules of surge protection along with the elimination of static due to “dirt” power. It can be used in virtually any type of electrical set-up from your computer desk to your home entertainment system to your wood shop.

You can implement the PowerSquid in a number of ways. It can just lay flat on a surface, or you can mount it to a wall, floor or any surface. The five sockets are flexible so it can work with almost any kind of wiring set up you have. It can be used anywhere, but where the PowerSquid will really shine is in your garage or shop. I have been using one in mine for months now. Running smoothly on it is a chest freezer, a beer fridge, and several chargers for the battery packs of various power tools. Oh, and a radio too. The flexible “tentacles” allow each socket to bend in any direction it gets pulled while the rest stay put… so moving around with a power tool won’t yank your entire power strip off the wall or work bench.

The PowerSquid can be found in almost any retail outlet where power strips or surge protectors are sold. You’ll find it for under $35 in most cases, priced far below any of the “brand name” surge protectors. If you are using a power strip in your garage or shop, then you’ll want to replace it with the PowerSquid… now.

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