Hip Hop Legend and Actor Heavy D is Dead at 44

There is sad news for not only the hip-hop community but all of the music world. Jamaican born rapper Heavy D died today at the age of 44. Born Dwight Arrington Myers on May 24, 1967 Heavy D & the Boyz skyrocket to fame when their sophomore effort “Big Tyme” spawned 4 chart toppers.

Heavy D went on to colaberate with B.B. King, Michael Jackson and with his sister Janet Jackson’s on her chart topper “Alright”. Heavy D additionally made his presence known on TV by creating the theme songs for In Living Color and Mad TV. Heavy D also was no stranger to the big screen. The rapper had roles in the Oscar nominated Cider House Rules and a role in the new Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller comedy Tower Heist.

This is Heavy D’s second time starring with Eddie Murphy. Heavy D also had a role in the Murphy, Martin Lawrence prison comedy Life. At the time of this posting it is reported Heavy D has passed from repertory issues. He was a huge talent and will be missed.