Woman Fired For Wearing Her Penis To Work At Softstix Factory

A woman in Pennsylvania was fired for allegedly wearing her prostatic penis to work. Let me make this clear. She was definitely wearing the penis, it was alleged that was the reason she got fired. While we find nothing amusing about discrimination of any type we do find is slightly amusing that Pauline Davis was employed at J&J Snack Foods the maker of SoftSticks as …a packer. Here is part of the story from the Smoking Gun.

Pauline Davis, 45, charges that she was “unfairly terminated” from her position as a “packer/line inspector” at the J&J Snack Foods production plant. She contends that the company subjected her to “disparate and discriminatory treatment for being a female, and for being a female who identified with the male gender.”

According to her complaint, Davis “advised certain co-workers that she would be wearing the prosthetic device, and this information was reported to management.” After learning that Davis was packing a fake penis, J&J “retaliated against her and discriminated against her in that she was illegally terminated,” the lawsuit notes.

So there is no indication of the state of the prosthetic penis. But it seems J&J Snack Foods thought the penis was one Softstix too many. J&J Snack foods made no comments on Pauline Davis’ job performance.  For all we know her job performance could have been stellar. She could have been packing more than the men she worked side by side with. This stuff just writes its self, don’t get me going on the cheese filling.

I could go on all day with childish puns that would probably draw the ire of many. Sadly today I don’t have the time I am already late for work. I need to strap on my prosthetic vagina and get to the bagel factory. You can read the rest of the story on the Smoking Gun.