Boston Bruins’ Patrice Bergeron is Biggest NHL All-Star Game Snub, Again!

Arguably one of today’s best Two-Way Forwards, Patrice Bergeron will be watching Sunday’s NHL All-Star game from home. While I’m sure Patrice appreciates the R&R, he most certainly deserves to be a part of this year’s game. He has been the most consistent player for the Boston Bruins this year on both sides of the puck and, in some circles, is considered the reason why the Bruins’ second line has been so fluid and one of the most feared lines in the NHL this season.

Not only has Bergeron been the constant driving force behind the Bruins play, he has also played a huge role in the development of young gun Tyler Seguin and the pestering, energetically charged Brad Marchand. I don’t believe there is a better player to mold your game around east of Detroit Michigan (Pavel Datsyuk comes to mind). He has helped get them both settled into their current roles with the Stanley Cup Champs and is partially responsible for the success that both Sophomore wingers are experiencing. These two have certainly gotten better defensively while on the vaunted 2nd line and have been a powerhouse offensive force playing alongside one another. Bergeron doesn’t get enough credit for helping mold them into the solid two way players these youngsters have become. Yes, some credit needs to be thrown to Claude for putting them all together but obviously Claude saw the potential there to do so.

Bergeron has been one of the most consistent players in the NHL for the last few years of his career yet still does not get to the game that he deserves to be in. He is currently on pace to have a career year, which could mean posting up high 70’s in points. With the help of Seguin and Marchand, I think he can get there and quite possibly above his career highs in points. Why he is not on this years All-Star team over the likes of guys like Scott Hartnell and Jamie Benn (both solid players) is beyond me. He has played as good, if not better, than several of this years selections.

Patrice, you’re not lost on Boston my friend. We know who you are and we are all ecstatic to have you leading one of today’s premier scoring lines. Go Bruins!