Super Drink Choices For The Super Bowl: Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade

As I mentioned in an earlier post, like millions of people around the globe my New Year’s resolution was to lose a bit of weight this year. Improving a fitness regime or weight loss is the number one New Year’s resolution. Unlike past years I have stuck to my guns it is almost February and I am still exercising and eating well. To date I am down 10 pounds and slowly losing the beer gut. Sadly this regime has me sans beer.

With the game of all games, the Super Bowl around the corner I am getting ready to break my adult beverage embargo. I have tried a few of the uber-low calorie beers, they just seem to leave me unsatisfied. One uber- light beer I tried was a watered down version of the brewer’s watered down light beer! So this year I am going to shift gears and go with Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade.

One of the key reasons I will be drinking Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade is it is made with 100 percent natural sweeteners. The combination of real, fresh lemon juice and Mike’s neutral malt base give a smooth taste that’s full of flavor.

At 98 calories and only 6g grams of carbs Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade it the alternative to the everyday light beer. Mike’s lite also comes in raspberry giving me a couple of great low calorie options for the game.