N.Y. Giants QB Eli Manning is Greater Than His Brother Peyton

I don’t proclaim to be a math genius, but when I did all my years of learnin’ in the special classes at Yazoo Elementary, I finally figured out that two is greater than one. That is exactly what we have here. Eli Manning – 2, Peyton Manning – 1. It is simple math really.

I even know my percentages good too. One out of thirteen (7.7%) is much, much less than two out of 8 (25%). That’s right, Eli Manning wins the Super Bowl 25% of the time during his career. Tom Brady has won the title three times in his career of 10 active seasons (30%)… but 0% of the time when he plays against Eli Manning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Mississippi boy and love both of the two Southern boys, but I have to call it like I see it. What I see is Eli winning Super Bowls. Do I have a personal connection with the younger brother? Well, I have to admit I do. I think I’m like him alot. We both breathe out of our mouths and oftentimes don’t appear to know exactly where we are. We are both good under pressure too. You don’t realize how easy it can be to perform when you don’t even realize you are under pressure. Eli playing his college career right in my home state doesn’t even come into play.

I know there are polls all over the internet asking the same question, but I just went ahead and answered it for you. You really can’t debate numbers. Please don’t ask me for more percentages though, it makes my head hurt.

It seems like Peyton hitting free agency this offseason is all but a done deal. Wouldn’t it be great if he went to the Giants and backed up his kid brother? I’m sure Archie would love that.