Boston’s Night Shift Brewing Now Offering Growler Fills

We are excited to announce that Night Shift Brewing will be open for tours, tastings, and sales on a regular basis. Starting this week, the Night Shift taproom will be open on Thursday Nights from 5-10pm and on Saturdays from 12-4pm. For sale, we have growlers, glassware, T-shirts, and bottles (all proceeds go to making more beer). Whether we’re brewing, bottling or just talking about beer, we’re always up to something, so stop by to see the brewery in action and get a taste of what’s on tap!

Growlers! Our Night Shift taproom now offers growler fills – the freshest way to drink our beer and “share the night” with your friends. A growler jug costs $5; fills of Trifecta and Taza Stout are $15.

Glassware! Our glass is the perfect companion to Night Shift beer. Its tulip shape fits snugly into your hand while offering optimum access to aromas. Glasses are $7 (including tax).

T-Shirts! We have both men and women’s T-shirts for sale! They come in all sizes, are super soft, and have our slogan “Share the Night” on the back. T-shirts are $17 (including tax).

Beer! We sell all 3 of our beers – Trifecta, Bee Tea, and Taza Stout – in corked, caged, ready-to-pop (or age) bottles! The Night Shift Taproom is open Thursdays from 5-10pm and Saturdays from 12-4pm! Night Shift Brewing 3 Charlton Street Building 3, Unit 9 Everett, MA02149