Iwata: Vita Being Outsold by PSP, Wii in Europe; 3DS Underselling in NA

The PlayStation Vita is apparently having a rough time of it in Europe, as the handheld console is being outsold by both the PlayStation Portable and the Wii in the region.

According to Eurogamer:

According to the data, which Nintendo president Satoru Iwata explained is “based on sales information by market research companies in each European country,” PlayStation 3 comes out on top, with 3DS and Xbox 360 neck and neck in second, Wii in fourth, PSP in fifth, Vita in sixth and DS in second.

It appears that the Vita is selling around 25,000 units a week, compared to roughly 70,000 PlayStation 3s.

However, Iwata is less than pleased by the performance of the Nintendo 3DS in North America.

The Nintendo president stated:

“The Nintendo 3DS, which now has an overwhelming presence in Japan, also has the largest share in the US handheld game market. However, considering that the US market is two or three times the size of its Japanese equivalent, I believe that the sales of the Nintendo 3DS in the US are far below the level that it could potentially reach. Also, unlike Japan, the United States still has a relatively large market for the Nintendo DS.”

Iwata added that the United Kingdom is the strongest region for the Xbox 360 in Europe, where it dominates the PlayStation 3. The reverse is true for mainland Europe. Perhaps Microsoft has problems with non-English speaking countries?

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