Pro Stage Gear Releases the Behemoth Pedaltrain Grande’

Being a pedal junkie I have recently started using the PedalTrain Pro to carry and protect my stompboxes. My 32×16 inch Pedaltrain Pro board is more than big enough to hold my favorite pedals. Still I do have a surplus of superfluous pedals that I could be using if I had the room.

Now if I want, I have the room. This is just simply amazing, just when you think you have seen it all. Pro Stage Gear have release the monstrous Pedaltrain-4 or Pedaltrain Grande’ as it is being called. The new Pedaltrain-4 is an impressive 42 inches wide by 16 deep. Still due to PedalTrain’s lightweight aluminum design the Grande is not an albatross to drag to gigs.

For those of you that don’t have a need for 50 stompboxes at a gig PedalTrain has options from the 15×8 PedalTrain Nano and 6 other sizes before you arrive at the behemoth Grande. For more information visit and please check out our review of the PedalTrain Pro.