Help Driving the Getaway Record an EP!

We recently reported on this energy fuel rock band out of Boston. Driving the Getaway is an angst driven quintet of musicians pumping a unique sound that is a fusion of metal, post hardcore and screamo. the band is made up of Eric Gesualdo – Vocals, Sam Underwood – Rhythm Guitar/Back-Up Vocals, Jake Renke – Drums, Chris Ziegler – Bass Guitar, and new addition Shaun Powell on Lead Guitar. We recently wrote up the band’s mini rockumentary, we got a first had look of the passion that these kids have for music.

The band is preparing to record their first demo and has smartly taken to the internet to finance their first recording. Driving the Getaway has setup a page on for fans of the band and music to donate funds to effort.

The band makes it clear that any donation will help but does add incentives for donations over $25. I am putting out the challenge to TMR readers, music fans and other bands to at least kick in a couple of bucks to get this band in the studio where they belong.

You can see their mini documentary here and the Indiegogo page is linked here.