How to Have the Best Dorm or Frat House on Campus

As hordes of people head back to the halls of higher education there is one age old constant still in play. The only thing more important than your GPA is your social status. Everyone wants to have the cool dorm room where everyone wants to hang out. Every frat wants to be the house to go to on frat row.

Your dorm room or frat is essentially your first man room or man cave as some call it. I am sure that you have the essentials – a fridge and a TV. Here are some great products from that will get your dorm room or frat house to the next level.

The most inviting smell on the planet is fresh popped popcorn. You mom probably packed a couple of bags of microwavable popcorn in the care-package she sent to school with you but that is not the real deal. This tabletop old-fashioned popcorn popper machine is a must have for any frat house.

This great popcorn machine from will feed your hungry college friends well into the night. Think about it, no more runs to the campus convenience store or snack machine for stale bags of chips and pretzels. You can have freshly popped popcorn anytime you want it.

Just as cool is this Tailgater dual tank backpack drink dispenser.  You will be the BMOC with this puppy strapped on. What a great way to make friends in the dorm or to utilize fraternity pledges at parties. This monster holds 210ozs of you favorite beverages and has a mesh bag to hold plenty of your red plastic cups.

The big daddy of all frat house appliances is a kegerator. This stainless steel beer kegerator refrigerator will keep your keg of beer for up to 3 months. Like a keg of beer ever lasted 3 months on a college campus. A kegerator is not only hip but also economical. It is a lot less expensive to buy draft beer than bottles.

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