NFL Fantasy Football – Week 3 Pick Ups, Drops, Sits and Injury Report

week 3 NFL fantasy football

If you’re a fantasy geek like me, you know that no one wins their league at the draft. The winner is usually the guy that makes the best waiver wire moves from week 2 to week 6. You know, the guy who knows the difference between Fool’s Gold (Kevin Ogletree) and the Diamond in the Rough (CJ Spiller). As stated by the medical professionals who has just finished their construction first aid course,  this week was crucial for many owners with injuries to some big name backs like Matt Forte, Ahmad Bradshaw and my man Chris Johnson sucking it up! Here are the moves I recommend for this week.

Pick Ups
Matt Cassell This is the last week you will be able to pick him up, because he will not be available in many of the leagues you’re in. The Chiefs are not good, but they have weapons and they will score whether they are behind or in front.

Andrew Luck I know everyone is on the RG3 bandwagon, but don’t sleep on Luck! He will wind up with 4000 yards and 25 TD’s at year’s end. If he’s available snatch him up,

Jake Locker As much as it kills me, you gotta drop him. He looks lost out there right now, his O Line looks putrid, and somehow Chris Johnson still looks like it’s 2011. I still love him long term, but for this year there are better options.

Matt Schaub I know he WAS an elite QB for a short period of time, but that time is not right now. The Houston O wants to run the ball and I don’t think Andre Johnson is what he used to be. I am not saying drop Schaub, but against the Denver D in Denver, I sit Schaub.

Andre Brown Going into the season we were high on Davis Wilson- until he cried when he fumbled. Now his stock is plummeting like on the Facebook curve. The NFL is a game of opportunities and Brown got his Sunday. He seemed to take advantage of it. Coughlin wants to protect the ball and as long as Brown does he will get the carries.

Mikell LeShore Kevin Smith is a good story and a nice guy. He is not an elite back and Detroit claims to be an elite team. They need a real weapon and they hope LeShore is that guy. He may not get all the carries this week, but when he does he will not be available. I am proactive and take him this week.

Daryl Richardson I love Steven Jackson but he is fragile in his latter years. He’s a gladiator- but gladiators get worn down. The Rams know they are in “Future” mode and Richardson is the future.

Isaac Redman I thought he was gonna take advantage of the “opportunity”, but he just hasn’t. With Mendenhall on the mend, Dwyer getting some carries, and Rainey there, I drop Redman. That doesn’t mean he won’t have a good game or two this year, but those hit or miss guys kill a fantasy football team, especially in head to head leagues.

D’Angelo Williams I am not to the DROP point, but he had his chance with Stewart out and he just didn’t capitalize. Stewart is back and will get the majority of the touches. He is on my bench for now with the Grim Waiver Reaper following closely behind!

Danny Amendola In a PPR league Amendola will continue to be a beast! He is going to go over 100 catches this year if he doesn’t get hurt again. He is the only “real” receiving weapon in St Louis, so if he’s available in your league grab him up.

Brian Hartline He’s a bit of a DEEP SLEEPER, but they are going to throw the ball in Miami and I am not a Davone Bess fan in the least. He is not going to be a top 10 guy, but he could win you a few games in the upcoming weeks.

Leonard Hankerson He will also not be a number 1 guy, but with RG3 throwin bombs all year he will be the only guy capable of going deep.

Stephen Hill If you were silly enough to believe the hype last week and picked him up, you now know what the smart fantasy football guys knew already- HE”S ON THE JETS! He’s a rookie and he probably had a quarter of his full season production in that one game

Percy Harvin I know he looked good, but for me, if you’re not elite, you sit against San Fran. End of story.

Tight End is not deep and I have 3 names for you to consider picking up

Dante Rosario He flashed a little bit in Carolina a few years back and with Gates hurt (SHOCK) someone has to catch the ball in San Diego. Don’t expect 3 TD’s and 50 yards ever again, but he will produce.

Scott Chandler He’s not a burner. Heck, I am not even calling him overly coordinated. He is big and he gets into the end zone. In a non-PPR league he is money.

Brandon Myers Carson Palmer is dying for a weapon out there and it might wind up being Myers. All the Heyward-Bey’s and other mediocre receivers don’t add up to much in fantasy football. If you have Hernandez and need a fill in, you could do much worse than Myers.

Jim and Eric Butz are the Philly-based sports radio personalities and fantasy football experts who are the brains behind Suicide Fantasy Football takes the one and done aspect of a suicide league and combines it with a traditional fantasy football league. Simply put, you select a roster each week from every available player in the NFL. The twist is once you use the player, you lose them for the rest of the season.