Yuengling to be the First Beer Company to Hit The Made In America Store Shelves!

Recently, the Made In America Store introduced McKenzie’s Hard Cider as their first alcoholic beverage into the store but Yuengling & Sons has just teamed up with the all US made products store to bring the first Beer. The first official beer company to be introduced as 100% USA made, Yuengling, will now join the ranks of top quality, American made products at the Made In America Store.

The Made In America Store introduces Yuengling & Sons, the oldest family run and operated brewery in the United States. Dating back to 1829, Yuengling has a history of struggle and triumph through sticking with their core values. The situation is not any different with the Made In America Store and the collaboration of both companies makes sense. Consumers can now pick up their favorite Yuengling Beer at the all US made products store.

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Yuengling brings a refreshing roster of American made beers including Yuengling Original Lager, Yuengling Black & Tan, Yuengling Light and Yuengling Chesterfield. Yuengling Original and Light come in single 24 ounce cans and four packs of 24 ounce cans. Yuengling Original, Light and Black & Tan come in 12 pack and 24 pack of Cans. Youngling bottles come in 12 pack of Original, Light and Black & Tan.

The Made In America Store is the only Brick and Mortar store that sells 100% American manufactured products. In the wake of the Presidential Election and American Jobs being of key concerns, US manufacturing is on the top of the list of most important. What better way than to stimulate the economy than by supporting American companies that strictly deal with US Manufacturing?

Yuengling is a five generation, family run business, bringing a distinct flavor that never veered from their mission. Surviving both Prohibition and fires to their manufacturing facility, Yuengling proves to stand above the rest. Like Yuengling, the Made In America Store will never veer from their core values.

These core values include only selling 100% US manufactured products, and honoring Active Duty Military Personnel, Veterans and the American worker.

Like Yuengling, the Made In America Store was faced with some criticism.

“People thought I was crazy,” said Mark Andol, owner of the Made In America Store, “everyone was aware that American manufacturing was on the downward slope, so opening a store that focused strictly on US made products seemed crazy.”

Yuengling was told if they didn’t adapt to modern beer manufacturing, they would go out of business. Obviously Yuengling didn’t yield to the negative concerns and came out on top. Today, Yuengling is sought out for their attention to quality.

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