Man From China Sues His Wife For Being Ugly & Wins $120,000!

Here is another gem from our friends at World Star Hip Hop. There is a man from Northern China that divorced his wife and mother of his child for being ugly. No the wife didn’t let herself go after the marriage it seems the wife had 100K in plastic surgery before the marriage.

It seems that after the birth of the couple’s daughter Jain Feng was appalled that the baby was so ugly. He first accused the wife of cheating because the butt ugly baby did not look like either of them. The wife then came clean and admitted that she had dramatically changed her appearance before the marriage.

Feng filed a suit claiming the wife convinced him to marry her under false pretenses. The judge agreed and awarded Jain Feng $120,000.00

I guess it is just the difference in cultures. Most American men wouldn’t mind if their wife looked like Mao Tse Tung last year as long as she looked like Bai Ling today. I am guessing it is not all about the wife. In China having a baby girl is bad enough, having an ugly one must be unforgivable.