The Definitive Guide to Buying Craft Beer

Craft beer can be a great gift, and learning about craft beers is a fun and festive hobby. The Definitive Guide to Buying Craft Beer: Discover Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Enjoying Craft Beer by Dan Koester is the ultimate guide to get started. With this handy guide, anyone can learn the difference between the many different brewing styles. Readers will also learn how to select the perfect glass for each type of beer and which foods go best with which beers.

Of Steins and Stouts
Beer brewing is an ancient craft that has grown more complex through the ages. Brew masters enjoy coming up with innovative and creative new blends, especially ones to mark specific seasons. Why settle for a can from the supermarket when you could be sampling something so much more special, not to mention downright delicious? That collection of taps at the local brew pub might seem intimidating, but with The Definitive Guide to Buying Craft Beer, you will quickly learn what makes each brew special and discover your own favorites and how best to enjoy them. There is a whole world of craft brewing to be discovered with a fascinating history. Koester’s second literary publication is a comprehensive overview and is perfect for the novice craft beer fan who wants to know more. Learn how to taste beer and throw a beer tasting party incorporating the trivia, geography and background of the brews you highlight.

Brewing Up Fun
Beer should be fun,” declared Koester. “And I wanted to give people who are interested in craft beer some background to welcome them to the ranks of beer aficionados. I can’t stand beer snobbery, but I love knowing what I’m drinking and why it tastes the way it does.
This highly readable guide gives just enough detail to intrigue, but never gets weighed down with it. It’s the perfect introduction to the wide world of craft beers for those ready to say goodbye to the bland, mass-produced version and have some serious fun with the quirky and creative craft brews from all over America. Anyone feeling overwhelmed by talk of hops and malt will be reassured and informed by this book. The Definitive Guide to Buying Craft Beer: Discover Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Enjoying Craft Beer by Dan Koester will be available in print and eBook from Amazon and

About Dan Koester:
Dr. Dan Koester is a 1980 graduate of Marquette University Dental School. He enjoys traveling and biking with his wife and three children. Restoring a 1965 Barracuda and his current restoration project, a military M1009 truck, provide a diversion from real work. An avid sports fan that enjoys a good craft beer, he intends to sample offerings from as many craft breweries as possible.