Guitar Gear Review: The Babicz Full Contact – Stratocaster Tremolo

Many factors affect the overall tone of your guitar. The bridge of your guitar is its heart and soul. While electronics and wood type are leading factors in producing a tone. If you do not have a great bridge you will have tuning problems, intonation issues and ultimately no sustain.  The many choices of guitar bridges typically fall into two classes – fixed and tremolo. Today we are going to look at a revolutionary bridge from the later mentioned style – the Full Contact tremolo bridge from Babicz Design.

Esthetically the Full Contact tremolo bridge is a sweet looking piece of hardware. We tested a gloss black unit – the bridge is also available in chrome and gold. There is a high-tech look to the unit, which boasts smooth rounded corners. The top of the bridge is smooth and rounded with no setscrews exposed. This makes for a more than comfortable resting place for your hand while palm muting.

The install is straightforward. The Babicz Full Contact dropped easily into our Mexican Fender Stratocaster. There was not routing necessary, not even the pickguard had to be altered in any way.

After setting the intonation and tuning up, we were ready to go. The change in tone was instantly noticeable. The guitar seems fuller, notes seem rounder. Most noticeable is the incredible sustain the Babicz Full Contact generates.

With a click of the overdrive, the Strat really started to sing. The action on the tremolo is amazing. The vibrato is incredibly smooth, divebombs came back in tune every time. I did my best Steve Vai imitation on the strat and found the Babicz Full Contact to be responsive and accurate as I slurred through whammy bar runs.

The Babicz Full Contact is a fun and functional upgrade to your guitar. This bridge is all upside with a modest street price of $119.00. More information about the Babicz Full Contact tremolo bridge and all of Babicz Design’s products can be found on