NAMM 2013: Hayden Introduces New Dr. Green Guitar FX Pedals

Hidden away in the Essex countryside, Dr.Green has been designing and building world class guitar amplifiers for over 20 years. Now, in conjunction with Hayden amplifiers, following months of R & D, he launches his first guitar FX pedal range. Dr. Green pedals are painstakingly designed to cure guitarists of poor and uninspirational tone. Constructed using only the finest quality components and built by hand in Essex UK, each  Dr.Green pedal features True Bypass and is encased within a heavy duty custom designed steel box. All Dr.Green pedals are built to last and as such are backed by a 5 year LTD warranty. Dr Green pedals are the ultimate in hand crafted UK made guitar FX pedals.

Hairy Tongue– The Hairy Tongue is an outrageously dynamic pedal filled with thick, lush fuzz tones ranging from lightly boosted through to huge fat fuzz full of rich harmonics. The Hairy Tongue is the new king of Fuzz pedals.

The Black Death – The aptly named Black Death Distortion pedal turns the cleanest amp into a deep down and dirty rock machine. Developed from The ground up, the Black Death delivers everything from light singing overdrive through to huge rich overdrive with real dynamics, clarity and the touch sensitivity normally only associated with tube amps.

The Booster Shot – The ultimate guitar booster pedal, The Booster Shot allows the player to add high end boost as well as full signal boost. Allowing the player to fine tune their tone, the pedal is perfect for screaming leads that cut through as well as driving the front end of an amplifier from clean/light break up into a raunchy overdrive whilst maintaining the characteristics of the guitar and amplifier being used.

The Waiting Room – With the consistency and reliability of a digital delay yet producing a warm organic reproduction of your original signal, The Waiting Room is a player friendly delay pedal that ranges from a light analogue delay to full bodied tape like sounds, whilst its’ tonal transparency keeps the original signal intact. Perfect for the player who wants a high quality yet simple to use delay pedal.

The Cubicle – The Dr Green Cubicle is the ultimate pedal for adding reverb to your sound. Using simple wet and dry controls The Cubicle allows players to easily add a bit of depth to their tone right up to everlasting cathedral style reverb. The Cubicle is a must for players wanting a high quantity yet simple to use reverb pedal for their board.

Life Support – The Life Support smoothes out your tone, compressing high input signals whilst boosting low input signals without degrading your original tone. It is perfect for searing solos and adding dynamics to clean rhythm tones. Input and Master controls allow the player to perfectly match The Life Support to their volume requirements.