Guitar Gear Review: Zymol Polishes Protect Your Finish, Preserve Your Tone

Over the years, many different guitar polishes have hit the market. Some better than others, some that could actually damage your guitar finish and tone. It is obvious how the wrong substance could destroy your finish. Staining, dulling, and the lifting of the finish are worst-case scenarios.  Water based products and furniture polishes can actually seep into the wood, changing the wood’s density and ultimately permanently changing the guitar’s resonance.

Zymol best known for creating polishes and cleaners for the finest of the top end cars in the world, has released a line of products for our four and six string treasures.  The evolution of Zymol from the Lamborghini to the Les Paul, is quite natural. The owner of Zymol is a player and collector of vintage basses. Zymol instrument polishes were born due to his love for his instruments, not because some CFO saw a new market to sell.

Zymol instrument polish is also very different from their guitar products. Steel automobiles and wooden guitars have much different needs. Zymol uses a proprietary blend of natural exotic oils to protect your investment. Knowing natural and gloss finishes are very different Zymol has formulas for each of these finishes. The GBC# for gloss finishes is a liquid polish that gives you a brilliant luster. The GBC Natural, gives natural finishes a sheen that makes the wood grain pop. Zymol also has a product called Bridge, which is a fingerboard cleaner, and protectant.

This line of products is a game changer. For those of you that want only the best for your instrument this is your product. Zymol will not only protect your finish, it will also help preserve the original tone of your guitar.  You can learn more about this great line of products at