Father of 9 Year Old Rapper Lil Poopy is Hit with Child Neglect Charges over Rap Video

A nine-year-old Boston rapper is making big news on the internet today. Rapper Lil Poopy’s dad has been charged with child neglect and abuse for allowing his son to rap about guns, women, and drugs. Luie Rivera the father of the child phenom says his child is mealy acting, and declared his love for his son.

We need to take a step back and look at entertainment culture before attacking Lil Poopy and his Dad. Oscar winner Jodie Foster had her first big role at 12 years-old by playing a prostitute in “Taxi Driver”. Countless children have played violent serial killers and murdering psychopaths in a multitude of horror movies. Dissecting the family friendly movie “Oliver”, the premise is about a gang of thieving street urchins.  

If Lil Poopy is emulating the gangster lifestyle and not living it, what is the problem? No one sane can say with conviction they think his parents are actual giving him machine guns, cocaine, and whores. If there is a problem with Lil Poopy acting out adult themes, there is a ton of Hollywood parents that should be in court next to Luie Rivera.

The argument about Lil Poopy has shifted quickly from the content of his music to the vehicle he uses to convey his message, Rap. Forum posters and talk radio hosts in Boston are ripping the nine-year-old Boston rapper’s tracks as non-musical. Claiming that rap is merely a flurry of curses and misogyny set to a beat.

The argument that rap is not music infuriates me. It shows not only ignorance to the art form but also the culture. I suggest that anyone that feels Rap is only a beat with street poetry listen to Jimi Hendrix’s “Doriella Du Fontaine”, Cab Calloway’s “Minnie the Moocher” from 1931 or anything by Gil Scott Heron. There is no need attack Rap as an art form. There are just as many Classic Rock people singing about drugs and violence.

Eric Clapton’s biggest hits are “Cocaine” and “I Shot the Sherriff”. Johnny Cash recorded “Cocaine Blues” and sang, “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die” in “Folsom Prison Blues”. In addition, do not forget about the hoard of hardcore punk and metal bands that use white supremacy, racism, and violence for the backdrop for their music. Before you start attacking Lil Poopy and his Dad, you might want to look at your own record and movie collection.

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