Update: Offline For SimCity Being Considered

A new survey seems to indicate that Electronic Arts may be looking to add offline play for SimCity, among other features. This was revealed on Reddit by some users.

The survey polls the gamers on the possibility of upcoming features, including farms, faster rebuilding after disasters, over and underpass roads, cities twice the size of current land plots, terraforming, cooperative city building with friends, and what the survey calls a “Classic mode.”

According to the survey, Classic mode is where a player can “In offline or online mode, play a single, fully functioning city using cheats and unlocks that allow you to create your perfect city.”

Some new SimCity additions for an expansion are also being explored, such as “Simulate to the Sky”, where players grow upward with superscrapers instead of outward. “Greed cities” will geta resource-consuming mega corporation that boosts profits, along with a robotics augmentation business, but also increases the total amount of trash and pollution produced. “Green cities” will be getting an academy to research advanced technology, generate wealthy, highly-skilled workers, and green cities are better able to collaborate with others on research.

Finally, the “Transform Tomorrow” part of the expansion will allow players to watch their cities change as future technologies are added, or let players see their region become affected by the actions of future cities.

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