‘Breaking Bad’ What Will Really Happen in the Final Episodes (Teaser Trailer)

The cast of Breaking Bad has been outwardly excited about this final season but have dropped few spoilers. Aaron Paul who plays the Jesse Pinkman told HuffingtonPost.com: “You guys are gonna s— your pants!”, in reference to the upcoming season.

Dean Norris hinted that his character DEA agent Hank Schrader, finally makes the Walter White/Heisenberg connection forcing a “Hank-Walt showdown”.

These teasers have spawned numerous theories about the content and ending of the final season around the internet. Two plausible storylines and endings have been among the most popular.

Many believe in an ironic twist of fate Walter will lose the family he set out to save with his methamphetamine empire. Popular conjecture has Watler Jr. dying indirectly by his own father’s hand by means of a fatal drug overdose. Walter Jr.’s death would force Skyler White to turn on her husband and the initiate the suggested “Hank-Walt showdown.” Other’s that speculate the demise of the White family will be at the hands of a new and more powerful drug cartel.

Series creator Vince Gilligan had hinted at a possible spin-off series focused on the sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman. Could Walter Jr. become the Robin to Goodman’s Batman? If the White children’s are the only survivors of a cartel bloodbath, could Walter Jr. turn to the family business to care for his baby sister? It would be a dramatic ending of the series to see Walter Jr. literally putting on the infamous Heisenberg hat.

Either ending would be better that fading to black and cueing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. We will all find out when Breaking Bad returns this Sunday August 11 9/8C

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