Dirtball Clothing Brings Dressing Trashy Back in Style.

I have an abnormal obsession for cool and unique tee shirts. The dress code (or lack thereof) in the  TMRZoo.com offices allow me to rock my favorite tees to work on a daily basis.  It is no surprise when Dirtball Fashions asked us to check out their recycled cotton Cardigans & Sweaters, I jumped in all at the chance.

Dirtball’s tee shirts and clothing have a relaxed hip vibe to them after they come out the wholesale shirt printing shop. The brand is very green in their manufacturing and their messaging.

Recycling pre-consumer cotton, as Dirtball does, helps keep five billion pounds of waste from going into U.S. landfills and it doesn’t take the manual labor or land use that is required for conventionally grown cotton. For every 100,000 t-shirts Dirtball produces, they are saving approximately 916,000 gallons of fresh water. If Dirtball can save three billion plastic bottles from the landfills, it will be equivalent to saving over half a million barrels of oil, and eliminating 400,000 tons of harmful air emissions which contribute to acid rain, global warming and smog.

Not only are these tee shirts sporting cool graphics, they are incredibly comfortable. The shirts are soft and hearty. Totally, unlike the thin low quality graphic tees online retailers pump out that quickly wear and fade. These are shirts that will give you years of wear and enjoyment, all while doing something great for the environment.

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