Has the Curse of The Ramones Hit the New England Patriots?

There is a darkness hanging over Foxboro Mass, this impending doom may be the consequence of the Patriots fans themselves. With the curse of the Bambino now in the rear view for Boston sports fans, the “Curse of The Ramones” could be Boston’s new dilemma.

The Ramones logo is the crown jewel of the legendary punk pioneers licensing rights. Ramones shirts have been a steady seller since the band hit the scene in the 70’s. With the rise in ironic tees and pandemic spread of hipsters these shirts are more popular than ever. So popular that Patriots’ fans have lifted the design and applied it to their team. Bad move.

The hatred that New York and Boston sports fans share could rival the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This makes me wonder why on earth would Patriots’ fans adopt the logo of one of the most famous New York bands ever. I would imagine the two Ramones that have shuffled off this mortal coil are spinning in their graves; the rivals of their beloved Jets have stolen their logo and tee shirt design.

The four names on the shirt replacing the ever rotating Ramones members are Wilfork, Gronk, Brady and Hernandez. Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) has been plagued by injuries and has yet to hit the field this season for the Patriots. Aaron Hernandez while healthy is having a much more challenging football season than Gronk. Hernandez was charged with murder this summer and sits in jail as more charges and allegations pile up on him. During last night’s Falcon’s Sunday Night Matchup Patriot’s defensive captain Vince Wilfork tore his Achilles tendon. Cross another name off the shirt, Vince is done for the season.

This leaves one name left on the shirt, Tom Brady. Could Brady be the next to be the next player stricken by the “Curse of the Ramones”? You may laugh at the concept of “Curse of the Ramones” but 3 out of 4 of these guys are down already. Tom Brady is sitting in Dee Dee’s spot, if Brady goes down it is season over in New England. It might be time to round up those NEW ENGLAND tee shirts and start a bonfire.