Video Game Roundtable: Episode 165: Blue Light Unspecial (Podcast)

Gaming Podcast is back after a week off, as Jordan talks about playing games on his brand-new PlayStation 4, while Jonah is anxious and worried about the Xbox One launch this week.

There’s also a ton of news this week, including: Unlucky PlayStation 4 owners face ‘blue light of death’, Report: Apple in “talks” to purchase co-creators of original Kinect tech, Ubisoft explains why launch games underwhelm, Xbox One launch official broadcast available through Spike, GameTrailers, Survey: only 1 percent of gamers want a Wii U this Holiday season, Ken Levine defends BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1‘s length, World of Warcraft not going free-to-play, stop asking and More Fallout 4 evidence pops up with trademark registration

And the Question of the Week: “What was the best budget game you ever bought?”

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