KontrolFreek on Next Gen Consoles – Review and Gameplay Video

I will personally put my name on this one.  I have years of experience playing with the KontrolFreek thumbsticks for Xbox 360 and I can’t imagine ever playing without them.  I believed in this product so much, that I didn’t enjoy playing on my Xbox One without them.  Without skipping a beat, the folks at KontrolFreek have finally released thumb sticks compatible with Next Generation consoles.  I’ve only reviewed them on Xbox One (sorry PS4 players!), and there are a few important things to point out.  My review is for the FPSFreek Ultra (Pictured below).  There are other variants for racing, arcade, and even play styles.

These won’t be for everyone.  It takes some getting used to but please push through for a few hours to get used it.  If you play TDM on Call of Duty, try a different game mode where Kill/Death ratios don’t matter so you have time to ramp up.  Then you can transition back into Deathmatch games and rely more on your aim.  For those with smaller hands, or just find the thumb stick extension to be uncomfortable, it may not be the best solution.  Overall, I will personally vouch for these.  They improved my game a lot, and allow me to run a much higher sensitivity without sacrificing long range control.

The technical (it’s really not that technical):

  • Made from plastic (light and strong)
  • 40% longer throw (more precise accuracy)
  • Inexpensive (less than $20 for a pair of most models)
  • Higher mechanical advantage on thumb stick (equals less thumb fatigue)
  • Unique (stand out from the casual gamers)
  • Comfortable (different styles for preference/game type)

Check out this video for all the reason you need to get yourself a set of these today.  Please note that I do not usually put my name to a product I don’t fully believe in.  This is a must if you play FPS games on a console, plain and simple.

KontrolFreek on Next Gen Consoles – Review and Gameplay Video


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