Dude Shows You How To Get Drunk Without Drinking! (Video)

This video of a self-proclaimed chemist shows people how to get drunk without drinking. When I first started watching the video I was weary. The guy in the video says this is something he learnt online and I was preparing myself for a dangerous or life treating experiment. Instead we get this.

The guy in the video mixes alcohol, vodka in this case with soda. He pressurizes the plastic bottle then inhales the fumes. Sure there will be some alcohol in the fumes of the coke vodka mixture but not as much as in the initial shot. What middle schooler’s Facebook page did this moron get this stunt from?

Call me a sceptic but I am thinking the buzz is 10% alcohol and 90% placebo. I have seen much more effective non-drinking alcohol delivery systems. This week on Showtime’s hit series Shameless Frank Gallagher resorted to box-wine enemas for a buzz. Not only with that get you buzzed but it can also be lethal.

My message to the guys in the video? Man up and stop acting like a 13 year old girls, have a freaking drink. Making this more pathetic is the guys in the video try to talk gangster and are dropping f-bombs throughout the video. These guys couldn’t look any less gangster if they were braiding each other’s hair.

Dude Shows You How To Get Drunk Without Drinking