Review: Our Last Enemy’s New Release Pariah – The Best Metal I Have Heard in a Long Time

Hard work and perseverance have paid off for metal band “Our Last Enemy”. This import from Australia has been working and touring since 2006. They now reside on American shores for the recording and debut of their album “Pariah”. I am not one to pigeonhole a band in any genre however “Our Last Enemy” is billed as an Industrial Metal band. I would say this is the closest definition you can give “Our Last Enemy”, they sound as if NIN and Pantera had a baby.

I think the Pantera reference comes mostly from the vocals of Oliver Fogwell. There are times he reminds me of Phil Anselmo during the Vulgar Display of Power days. Adding to that power Bryce ‘Bizz’ Bernius on guitar and bassist Matt Heywood provide a sonic punch in the face on par with anything I have ever heard. The two of them fly through blistering fast unison riffs and play off of each other with a counterpoint that would make you think they have a psychic link to each other. Check out the tune “Low” and you will know what I am talking about.

The disk opens with the synth laden burner “Devour the Sun”. Keyboardist Jeff Ritchie fills the song out with a mix of keyboard patches and pads that are sonically perfect. Laying down a foundation for all of this madness is drummer Zotty Cilia . Zotty Cilia is a master of the double bass riffs. However, there is so much more going on rhythmically than just a guy behind the kit blasting out double bass riffs. Zotty uses his whole kit and uses it well, he reminds me in some ways to Slipknot‘s Joey Jordison.

While I have made comparisons to many musical acts and musicians in this review they are only for your reference. “Our Last Enemy” have their own unique sound and style. They are without doubt the best metal band I have heard in a long time. Dare I say the best thing to come out of Australia since AC/DC, yes I know that has been a longtime.

If you think I am over selling this disk check it out for yourself below. If you are a metal fan and you don’t check out this band you are doing yourself an injustice.

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Our Last Enemy – “10,000 Headless Horses”