Review The Musicians Belt – Finally a Cure for Guitar Buckle Rash

How many times have you gone into a music store and encountered a beautiful vintage guitar on the wall. Flawless and timeless with a finish that is gently aged over time. In many cases you are amazed to see the guitar’s price listed for much below Blue Book value. You think you have found a treasure until you look at the back of the guitar to find buckle rash.

Buckle rash can range from buff-able surface scratches in the finish to deep gouges in the wood of your guitar. I have seen that latter devalue a guitar by hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. The worst culprits are you southern boys with your rodeo belt buckles. Try finding an older Fender Telecaster in Nashville that doesn’t look like the back of it was hit with a shotgun.   

There are many solutions for buckle rash – not wearing a belt would be the first more but not a solution for most guys. I like a lot of guys would buckle my belt on my hip, this saves the guitar but makes for interesting bathroom breaks.

The Musicians Belt from A&T Leather is the solution you have been looking for. Firstly, these belts are beautiful and hand crafted in the USA. The styles span across all tastes, there are basic black for the Wedding Band guitarist and some great western motifs for you southern rockers.

To give the Musicians Belt a fair test I not only wore it playing guitar but had it on all week to gauge its comfort. The design is smart with two hooks attaching the belt to the strap. Is it functional? My pants never feel down but more than that it is comfortable and stylish. I have a rack of 10 or so belts and found myself reaching for the Musicians Belt even when I did not plan on playing guitar.

For half the price of a decent guitar strap you can protect the finish of your guitar and look great while doing it. The Musicians Belt retails for $22.95 – $29.99 depending on the style. When you weigh this cost against the devaluation of buckle rash on your prized guitar or the cost of a refinish, this is a no brainer for guitar players. I am so blown away by the black dress belt I am getting ready to order a brown funky belt for casual. You can purchase or find out more about the Musicians Belt on