Review H.I.T.M. (History In The Making) – This Band Is Destined To Blow Up

H.I.T.M. (History In The Making) represent everything great about the L.A. music scene. I was fortunate to catch their live show at the Whiskey A Go Go on the famed Sunset Strip last week. H.I.T.M. is a band that take charge the second they hit the stage. Not with a pretentious “hey look at us” kind of vibe. H.I.T.M. kick off a party with the very first notes of their set and the audience are definitely invited. The band have big personalities but humble egos. It makes me wonder if they even realize how great this band really is.

The band has two very different front men, both are lyrical mad men. Eugenius takes to the mic with a swagger that is classic L.A.. Dreads swinging, rhymes flowing, Eugenius is one of the most talented rappers I have seen in a long time. The other front man BG is a manic madman. BG and Eugenius balance each other perfectly. BG is a great metal singer, painted in tattoos and dripping with talent.

Driving the beats for this Rock-Hop band is a turntable mastermind called Seanchez. Seanchez delivers the expected hip hop beats. However, there are time there are sonic blasts coming from his turntable I would mistake for guitar power chords.

Putting the rock in the rock-hop of this band is guitarist Byron. Byron’s throaty Les Paul tones remind me of Dimebag. He plays off of Seanchez in a way I have never seen a turntable and guitar interact. But it is not all power chords and sonic blasts for Byron. When this kid plays a lead he delivers.

The band is rounded out with a talented rhythm section tying the eclectic madness all together. Stoney Bee (Bass)and Dan (Drums) sonically dance through the waters and of hip-hop and metal with ease. I cannot put in words how this band fuses all of these flavors together.

Go to the Van Warped Tour H.I.T.M. page and vote for this band now! If these guys get on the Warped Tour I can check them out again when Vans Warped comes to Boston.  I also suggest you check them out on Facebook . If you are in the L.A. area do yourself a favor and check H.I.T.M. out live. I strongly belive you will not be able to see these guy in small venues much longer. H.I.T.M. are History In The Making, this band is destined to blow up.