Video Game Review: Blade and Soul – Zooming in on 3D Butts!

While the West is still eagerly awaiting an actual release window for NCSoft’s hotly controversial Blade and Soul many are turning to the free-to-play Chinese version to get their fix of scantily clad Kung fu amazons. Thanks to a dedicated and resourceful following of western fans, players can download a self-updating English patch that continually strives to translate elements of the user interface and major plot dialogue/cutscenes. Also available are various self-updating applications that remove the Chinese-specific censorship. “Anti-Harmonization” tools, as they are called, bring back the more revealing outfits from the Korean version and re-inject the breast jiggle physics that China deemed too risque for their audiences. While The SaWS didn’t have anti-harmonization active at the time of these videos (it can be kind of a pain to get them to work), it is still apparent that the game is oozing with the characteristic sexy style of renown artist Hyung Tae Kim. The degree to which his distinct character designs are preserved in the 3D models is worthy of praise and is sure to be appreciated by male gamers the world over.

Mechanics like gliding make a return from previous NCSoft game, Aion, as well as sprinting, high jumping, and even water running! The gameplay is fast paced true action combat (think Tera Rising on speed) and the English speaking community is large and organized. Some knowledge of pinyin Chinese input is necessary to get the most out of your emotes and even the game’s highly important crafting system. There is tons of online documentation as well as active in-game guilds to help western players wrap their head around the game’s innovative and deep mechanics. If you have any interest at all in naked oiled up girls, Kung fu, or MMO innovation then check out Shay’s gameplay videos and hop into the game, yourself!

Blade and Soul – Lets make a sexy character! (1/3)

Blade and Soul – Thighs and butts doing kung fu! (2/3)

Blade and Soul – Zooming in on 3D butts! (3/3)

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