American Dad Season 10 – Best Episode of the Season

American Dad Season 10 Analysis:

American Dad is getting to the point in its run when it is starting to repeat itself a little too often, but it still has enough awesome episodes every year to make you realize there is nothing else quite like it on television.

Best American Dad Season 10 Episode:

Nearly 50 years after his death, Walt Disney continues to be a fruitful source of satire, as demonstrated by American Dad! with Roy Family, the founder of the theme park Familyland, who had been frozen upon his death so that he could one day return to life should the denizens of his park no longer deserve to enjoy his creation. But this episode wasn’t really about exposing the prejudices of one of America’s most beloved figures, at least not entirely. “Familyland” was mostly an excuse for American Dad! to indulge its apocalyptic side, which is its best side. A week after Mr. Family has sealed off all the exits, each section of the park has become a kingdom ruled by one of the Smiths. The details of Cartoon City (ruled by Steve), Wild Wild Wild West World (ruled by Stan), Fairy Tale Land (ruled by Haley railing against the princess role model), and Outer Space Land (ruled by Roger, who inexplicably notes that this cheesy attraction got everything right) are thoroughly impressive. American Dad! is one of the best animated shows ever in terms of understanding that it is a cartoon, and knowing that that means it can destroy its status quo whenever it feels like it and pretend like nothing happened the very next episode, and “Familyland” was the best example of that in American Dad Season 10.

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