Lexus Adds Last-Minute Super Bowl Spot Featuring the RC F Performance Coupe

Thought this would be of interest…because we know you readers love fast cars. Inspired by its social community’s overwhelming response to online videos posted just late last week, Lexus will be airing a new spot during the Super Bowl pre-game.

The spot features the remote-control car performing drift stunts and is then joined by a full-size RC 350. The spot ends by inviting viewers to see more amazing remote-control videos from Drift44 online, among them parallel parking, bowling, and one of the most amazing match-lighting techniques ever: “See more.”

The posted social videos feature a 1/10-scale remote-control version of Lexus’ first ever RC F performance coupe in amazing live-action drift stunts by remote-control expert Drift44.

“We made a decision to quickly create the spot based on consumer response to the Drift44 videos posted in social media,” said Brian Bolain, Lexus Corporate Manager of Marketing. “After the videos received more than 600,000 organic views in just 2 days, we decided to augment them with dynamic driving footage of the actual car, and share the finished product with a much larger audience.”