Review Babicz Full Contact Telecaster Bridge – For the Tone Conscience Guitarists

The Telecaster is one of the most iconic guitars on earth. The Telecaster was the first electric guitar to be mass produced and 65+ years later little has change in the design of the guitar. Most notably in the lack of change and innovation is the Telecaster bridge. The Telecaster took a giant leap forward when it switched from the classic ashtray bridge to a more modern style with six adjustable saddles. Unfortunately that is where the innovation stopped.

Luckily for us guitar players we have options. One of the best options to replace your Telecaster bridge is with the Babicz Full Contact bridge. Looking at the Babicz it is easy to see there is more mass to this bridge. This gives us better transference of sound and ultimately more sustain and richer tone.

Editors ChoiceThe guitar that brought me to Babicz once again was my black Telecaster. After becoming frustrated with intonation issues the ash tray bridges are known for I decided to install a six-saddle bridge on my telecaster. This is when I soon learned all six-saddle bridges are not built the same. Not only was it easy to see the thickness and mass of the bridge was smaller, it was uncomfortable.

The set screws for the saddles would continuously poke into my palm and I was in constant fear of ripping open my hand on their sharp edges. With the Babicz Full Contact bridge there are no sharp uncomfortable edges. The top of the bridge is smooth and comfortable for those of you who do a bit of palm muting like myself. The other feature I love about the Babicz is the ease of install.

The Babicz Full Contact Telecaster bridge is a marvel. It is a drop in install for 3 or 4 screw Telecaster bridges. It will also work with string through or top loading guitars. This makes the bridge a perfect option no matter what type of Telecaster you have. Another advantage the Babicz has over the stock Fender and other aftermarket bridges is its locking function. You have the ability to lock in each string once you have the height set. Once you have your string height and intonation all set there is another set screw on the side of the unit that locks everything down.

The Babicz Full Contact bridge is an easy upgrade for any Telecaster for those tone conscience guitarists out there. There is no longer a reason to play a Telecaster with horrible intonation. The bonus is you also get a fuller tone and more sustain in the deal. All of this without losing any of that famous Telecaster twang.  You can find out more about Babicz Full Contact bridges for Telecasters, Stratocasters, Gibson style guitars and multiple brands of basses on their Facebook, Twitter and homepage.