Guitar Gear Review: Bare Knuckle Pickups Stockholm Model HSP90

I was lucky enough to check out some of the Ghost Machine Guitars models a while back. One of the things that jumped out at me was the BKP Stockholm HSP90 pickup in the neck position of one of the guitars. It’s a P90 in a humbucker size, hence HSP90. And let me tell you, it caught me off guard.

First off, I’ve never been interested in a P90 pickup. I just never understood what it is or what it does. And I seemed to see them in guitars that seemed to be getting tones that didn’t relate to my goals. And what’s going on with them? I mean, why are they that size, but they have a single row of pole pieces? Are they humbuckers or are they single coils or whatever?

And that’s what I get for not trying new things. lol!

This guitar had a BKP Warpig in the bridge position, and while I’ll discuss that at another time, let’s just get it out of the way and acknowledge that the Warpig is a big mean brutal take-no-prisoners pickup. So I thought it was a gutsy choice to put a P90 in the neck to match up against such a monster. And then the Stockholm taught my doggy a new trick.

Wow! Big and loud and modern. This bad body doesn’t serve up a heaping helping of your grandpa’s rock. It straps you in the chair and force-feeds you a powerful dose of heavy hard-rocking tone.

For a neck position, it was well-defined and had plenty of transparent clarity – if you know what that means, you know it’s not redundant. And you know I was playing a high gain amp setting. haha! And yet nothing mushed out or nothing too fizzy. Nice punch in the low end and a surprising amount of bite in the highs. I really like the roar from the mids and how it all worked together to deliver the quality of voice that BKP is known for having.

This bad boy was a nice surprise and definitely taught me a lesson in letting my ears be the judge of the tone.

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