Top 10 Hottest Former Disney Girls Gone Nude

It is a common tale… one day they are the innocent shining face of a family franchise, and the next, we’re looking at their bare boobs. In an attempt to help transition from “kids actor” to an actress that wants to be taken seriously, we see many Hollywood starlets shedding their clothes once hitting adulthood.

Our friends over at Mr. Skin have compiled a pretty detailed list of former Disney girls doing nude scenes in movies or other avenues. Below are the Top 10 Hottest Former Disney Girls Gone Nude as brought to you by Mr. Skin.

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10. Haley Mills – Got Naked in Deadly Strangers
-Played Susan & Sharon in 1961’s The Parent Trap

9. Jodie Foster – Got Naked in Nell
-Played Suellen in Menace on the Mountain

8. Spencer Redford – Got Naked in Look
-Played Loretta Modern in Pixel Perfect

7. Marguerite Moreau – Got Naked in Easy
-Played Connie in The Mighty Ducks

6. Miley Cyrus – Got Naked in Wrecking Ball Music Video (and countless other places)
-Played Hannah Montana on Hannah Montana
Cyrus-Wrecking-Ball_728788 copy

5. Ele Keats – Got Naked in Eros
-Played Sarah Jacobs in Newsies

4. Christina Aguilera – Got Naked in Diary
-Appeared on The All New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993-1995

3. Chrisy Carlson Romano – Got Naked in Mirrors 2
-Played Ren Stevens in Even Stevens

2. Lindsay Lohan – Got Naked in The Canyons
-Played Hallie & Annie in 1998’s Parent Trap

1. Anne Hathaway – Got Naked in Love and Other Drugs
-Played Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries

Want to see the fully uncensored pics? Head on over to take a look around… it won’t take long to find them.