Guitar Gear: Guitar Makeover (or What I Did with the LPJ Parts)

Got my hands on a new Gibson Les Paul LPM but wasn’t exactly down with how the guitar was appointed from the factory. It just seemed kind of boring and a slight mismatch as did the LPJ so maybe I could work it out between them.

It started out nice enough out of the box but the auto-tuners were kind of a non-starter. I tried them out to see what all the fuss was and while they seemed to work fairly well tuning things up I was not impressed with how they held tune. They sort of seemed to have a mind of their own at times. Setting proper intonation made a big difference but the whole experience with them was just awkward. I was going to go with Grovers but I really like the Kluson type pegs on LP’s. Now that they’ve gone to the bolt bushings and better plates they are fantastic tuners so the black key versions I pulled from the LPJ went right on. Glad I have the tuner reamer though there was a bit too much clear built up in 2 of the tuner holes. (now that I am typing this I wonder if the auto tuner keys weren’t sitting right in the holes? hmmm.)

I also installed the set of blackout 490/498 Gibson pickups I pulled from the LPJ as well as the chrome Nashville bridge and tailpiece. Then I set it up for 10-46’s as opposed to the 9-42’s it shipped with. The new circuit boards the pots are mounted to make pickup changes a breeze as long as you have the clips already on the pickups.

The wider neck was a little awkward at first but the string spacing is the same so it was a pretty quick adjustment. I found it far easier to nail high E string bends with out pulling off the edge of the board with this setup, a personal issue I am sure.The fairly trick adjustable brass zero fret nut works well. With the better woods, the thicker rosewood board and the new style nut this guitar really has a ton of sustain (Cue the Spinal Tap jokes).

The 490/498 pickups work really well in this guitar and give it some wire-y grit and a bit more growl than the ’61 Zebra’s it came with. For some reason I didn’t like the look of the zebra’s in this guitar. Cosmetic I know but hey they have to look good too right?

Now the chrome pops, the black ties everything together, it plays great and sounds fantastic!

Before and After’s


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