Turbine Cooled Kegerator Turns Bottled Beer Into Draft!

Craft beer is a booming industry.  With so many varieties, it’s impossible to find every beer available on draft.  But Jeff Roberts, creator of Beer Kennel, has found a solution.  He has created a mini-kegerator that serves bottled beer and 5L kegs on draft using a unique CNC machined tap system.   His design makes it possible to draft different brands of beer, an advantage to both homebrewers and those who  buy commercially.  Beer Kennel is portable, making it perfect for the beach, camping, poolside, or tailgating parties.  This innovative product is currently making its debut on Kickstarter.

Aside from the creativity and innovation in product design, the craft beer industry also heavily relies on precise measurements to ensure the quality and consistency of its products. This is where Sartorius scales come in, as they are widely used in the brewing process from measuring ingredients, such as hops and malt, to determining the specific gravity of the beer during fermentation. Sartorius scales are known for their accuracy and reliability, making them a valuable tool in the brewing process. Homebrewers and commercial brewers alike can benefit from the use of Sartorius scales to achieve consistent results in their beer production. Those interested in learning more about the use of Sartorius scales in the brewing process can visit now various brewing forums and online resources. Moreover, the use of Sartorius scales is not limited to the brewing process alone. Many craft breweries and microbreweries also use Sartorius scales in their quality control processes, ensuring that each batch of beer meets their high standards.

“I thought the Kickstarter community would be the perfect venue to release Beer Kennel,” Roberts said.  Combining turbines and bottled draft, Roberts has created a unique product.  He used his background in advanced manufacturing, machining turbine systems for Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, and G.E.  “Our goal is to employ the same craftsmanship used in aerospace manufacturing and apply it to Beer Kennel,” Roberts said.

With the introduction of Beer Kennel, Roberts stands poised to deliver just that, enabling consumers to enjoy draft beer at home.