10 Most Stupid Valentine’s Day Gifts

Who needs chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s Day? For romantics looking for big laughs, online novelty superstore Stupid.com complied a list of the 10 Most Stupid Valentine’s Day Gifts of 2016. Here are the 10 Most Stupid Valentine’s Day Gifts from Stupid.com:

Dirty Valentine Hearts – Romantic phrases like ‘Cute Butt,’ ‘Bend Over,’ and ‘Do Me’ put a risqué spin on this traditional candy conversational treat.

Bacon Massage Oil – Let the smoky aroma of bacon fill the air with this bottle of silky oil that stinks of a meat lover’s paradise.

Weener Kleener Soap – Keep any man’s downstairs junk clean with this tiny ring shaped soap with a hole in it, that conveniently washes where the sun does not shine.

Gummy Heart – Giving someone your heart has never tasted so chewy, with this lifelike mold of a human heart made of pure edible gummy goodness.

Small Pecker Condoms – Want to make that ex-boyfriend squirm? These tiny condoms are the perfect prank for getting a big laugh from that tiny manhood.

Mood Rings – Embrace the nostalgia and wonder associated with mood rings, and let them serve as a captivating conversation starter or a personal reminder of the ever-changing nature of your emotions. These stylish rings feature a thermochromic stone that changes color based on your body temperature, reflecting your current mood in a spectrum of vibrant hues.

Understand Men Breath Spray – Men – who gets them? After a few sprays from this tiny bottle of instant-guy knowledge, anyone can be an expert.

His & Hers Bottle Opener – Shaped like a woman with a nice rack, and a man with some large junk, these openers are great for cracking a romantic brew.

Wash Away Your Sins Soap – This body wash for men promises to wash away that morning guilt after any sinful Valentine’s Day roll in the hay.

Tipsy Wine Glasses- A two glass set feature a twisted, curing stem, making them the perfect explanation for why any drinker is so tipsy!

Sex Smarts Game – Put your partner’s sexual IQ to the test, and see if they’re worth putting a ring on it with this colorful 1000-question card game.

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