Suds With Securb: Narragansett’s “I Am Providence” – Just a Bit of Bitterness

Growing up in New England I remember Narragansett beer fondly as a regional favorite. I have memories of my Dad and Uncles at BBQs and family outing cracking the tops of Narragansett cans with an old school can opener. The original Narragansett my Dad enjoyed for years is still available and treasured by many. However many are learning the new craft offerings from Narragansett are not your father’s beers.

One of the many cool things they are doing at Narragansett is their Lovecraft series. A tribute to Providence author and native H. P. Lovecraft. “I Am Providence” is a rich, dark, complex red ale complementary to the darkened streets of Rhode Island Lovecraft once roamed.

Narragansett’s “I Am Providence” is released in a hot pink 16 ounce can with florescent green graphics. It is hard to miss this offering on the shelves. The pour is a deep mahogany with touches of red in the body. The tan head is generous but quickly dissipates to a modest crown on the beer. The nose is malty with notes of bread and biscuit and deceptively mild hop notes. The malt flavors of caramel and grain follow through in the taste of the beer as the hops get a bit more pronounced. Pine and citrus esters dance on your tongue as the 8% ABV beer finishes on your palette with a bit of booziness. The hops in the finish are just enough to balance out the malt. There is just a bit of bitterness but not enough to make your toungue leathery. Yes, this is a big beer, a sipper to be enjoyed in every respect.

Like all of Narragansett’s offering this is a quality craft beer. Sadly like the other Narragansett Lovecraft offerings it is a one off submission to the world of craft beer. The 8% ABV will allow fans of the beer to cellar “I Am Providence” to hoard a bit of this craft beer for future sessions. It will also be interesting to see how this beer matures and ages over time. I can only see the malts in this beer getting much more complex after a bit of time in the cellar.

“I Am Providence” is a keeper. A quality strong ale representing a strong city, with a dark past and just a bit of bitterness.