Suds With Securb: Able Ebenezer is One of New Hampshire’s Hidden Gems

New Hampshire has seen a craft beer boom in the past decade. The landscape is dotted with microbreweries, craft beer stores and ale houses serving the finest New Hampshire has to offer. One gem you can miss if you blink is Able Ebenezer in Merrimack, N.H.

Merrimack is a sleepy little town west of Manchester. While Manchester has an overgrowth of pubs, bars, and restaurants. Merrimack has a small sampling of food and beverage entertainment. The good news is most of these venues excel at what they do. Able Ebenezer is down the road from Anheuser-Busch’s mammoth production brewery.  The two breweries could not be more opposites.

In a small industrial park overlooking Daniel Webster Highway, you will find Able Ebenezer. As you walk through the doors, you instantly feel welcome. The first room is set up like someone’s library full of books, paintings, and comfortable sofas. Pulling away from the traditional library on the day I visited a quartet of 30-somethings were playing Mario Cart as they sipped their beers.

The main room is just as inviting. The tasting room has a modest length bar and plenty of table tops for seating. The library theme cars on as does the old New England charm. Patrons can purchase beer to go in quart cans, growlers of sit at the bar and sample all Able Ebenezer has to offer. One thing I found interesting is all of their beers are the same price. Their IIPA is the same price as their session ale. I don’t know how they do this, but it is a nice touch. One sip of their IIPA, Victory Nor Defeat and I could tell a generous amount of hops, and additional grain was needed to craft this excellent ale.

Victory Nor Defeat is an 8%ABV Double India Pale Ale with a complex nose. You will find esters of fruit, pine and citrus rising from the glass. These aromas quickly turn to flavors as the beer washes across your palate. The body of the beer is medium with a clean finish with a modest carbonation that cleanses tongue.

Victory Nor Defeat is the only offering I had a chance to sample at Able Ebenezer. However, I am planning a trip back to sample Broad Arrow their India Pale Ale and Burn The Ships, Able Ebenezer’s 7% Smoked IPA.

I would strongly suggest any craft beer fan in the Merrimack/Manchester New Hampshire area visit this hidden jewel in rural New England. You can find out more about Able Ebenezer’s craft beers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or