Suds With Securb: Sam Adam’s Beer’s Fresh as Helles is a Crowd Pleaser

Today is the perfect day for me to crack open Sam Adam’s Beer’s Fresh as Helles. I am outside in shorts and a tee-shirt and in the mood for something crisp and light. This Munich Helles Lager is incredibly approachable. If you have friends that are Macro lager drinkers or are one yourself Fresh as Helles is a lager that can lead your friends or yourself to the world of better beers.

The beer pours beautifully with a golden body that is clear and glistens in the glass. The pour produces a frothy white head and bubbles in the glass that are worthy of a beauty shot. The aroma of this beer is fantastic. There are notes of grain and citrus that rise from the glass, these aromas follow you through the finish of the beer. These citrus flavors and aromas are provided by Orange Blossom Petals added to the boil. Like the name implies the beer has a fresh taste with a great carbonation that washes over the mouth.

Fresh as Helles is a great beer for your first spring BBQs. The carbonation can clean the pallet of your thick BBQ sauces while the body of the beer is light enough to compliment your grilled chicken and pasta salads. As I mentioned this beer is also a crowd pleaser. Everyone at you gathering from your macro drinking uncle to your hipster millennials will be blown away by this beer.

What I like best about Fresh as Helles is it is available in six packs and cases. Some spring seasonals are only available in specialty 12 packs hosting one or two bottles. You can fill your cooler to the brim with this easy drinking session beer.

Here is where Fresh as Hells gets cool. Samuel Adams is hosting a contest What Makes You #FreshAsHelles To enter share a picture of yourself with Fresh as Helles and tell them what makes you fresh in your caption using the hashtag #FreshasHelles and #sweepstakes. Sam Adams Beer will fly the winner out to the Boston Calling Music Festival to drink a few more Sam Adams beers and watch Tool, Weezer and three days worth of other cool bands. Entry forms and rules can be found on Sam Adams Beer’s website. You can learn more about Fresh as Hells on Sam Adams Beer’s Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube page.