Review: The DeWalt DCS367P1 20V MAX XR COMPACT Reciprocating Saw

I did a lot of construction in my early years. Towards the end of my years swinging a hammer, my focus went from construction to destruction. I became the foreman for a demolition crew. During those days no tool was in my hands more than my reciprocating saw. Even though my days on the crew are over, today as a homeowner, the reciprocating saw is still my favorite tool.

I use my reciprocating saw to fall tree and saplings. It is my go-to tool when dealing with rusted bolts on my lawn gear. If you are skilled with the reciprocating saw, you can make the most artful and delicate cuts with it. These great tools can cut anything from wood, metals and even tile if outfitted with the right blade. My only problem with the reciprocating saw is the cord. When using this tool in the yard, I often have to daisy chain to extension cords to get power to my work area. When I was doing a demo, I would have to thread power cables throughout the house to get to my work. DeWalt has now solved this problem.

The DCS367P1 20V MAX* XR COMPACT Reciprocating Saw is a 20-volt tool with a powerful brushless motor. Do not let the word compact fool you. Yes, this saw is compact enough to work in small or tight places. However, it is incredibly powerful and has incredible running time.

What I like most about this saw is the variable speed trigger. It allows me to ease into my work before working the saw up to its 2,900 strokes per minute potential. The 1-1/8″ stroke length makes quick work of any material you are working on making most jobs effortless.

The worst thing about of my old reciprocating saw was the hex key need to change the blade. Not only does the key disappear during busy jobs it is cumbersome to change the blades. The DCS367P1 20V MAX* XR COMPACT Reciprocating Saw is not only keyless the lever action blade clamp allows you to place the blade in 4 positions. This is a great feature not only in tight areas but also facilitates flush cutting.

The final feature for this saw is the LED. No longer are you balancing a flashlight and your tool at the same time. The light is bright enough to illuminate you work in the darkest of places. You can learn more about the The DCS367P1 20V MAX* XR COMPACT Reciprocating Saw and all of DeWalt’s tools on, Facebook, Twitter or their YouTube page.