Beerhaus at The Park is Vegas’ Best Bet for Craft Beer

MGM laid down a 4.5 million dollar bet on craft beer in Las Vegas and from what I see the bet paid off huge. Beerhaus at The Park is not one of the faux beer halls you will find on the Las Vegas strip. Beerhaus at The Park is a real deal craft beer destination with a selection of beer that will impress any beer fan, great food and staff educated to make intelligent suggestions on beer selections and food pairings.

Let me start with the beer. As I bounced from beer hall to beer hall in Las Vegas, I was disappointed to find the same macro brew options repackaged to look like smaller brewers. Variety was lacking as was the staff’s knowledge of what they were pouring. Unlike these “beer bars” Beerhaus at The Park has a world class beer menu. I was pleased to find not only local and regional offerings but also legendary craft beers from around the country. You may ask what I would consider being legendary. How about Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA on tap.

The staff is friendly and helpful. Not only did the staff suggest some of their favorite offerings they asked my about my tastes in craft beer and made the appropriate suggestions based on my tastes. I have met many knowledgeable and helpful bar staff in the past, but the level of knowledge of product with this staff was mind-blowing. As the conversation evolved, I was delighted to find out all bar staff is required to receive Cicerone Certification Program training.  Just another indication of the Beerhaus at The Park’s dedication to excellence.

The food at Beerhaus at The Park is on par with everything else I experienced at this world class venue. There are pub favorites served with a bistro flair. The pulled chicken sliders and sausage sandwich were exceptional. As was the soft pretzel that was served with my beer. After three of the staff had told me I had to try the fried pickles, I decided to give them a try. The fried pickles had an unexpectedly spicy batter that played off the hops in my IIPA wonderfully.

Typically in these pub reviews, I stick to the beer and food of the venue. In the case of Beerhaus at The Park, I must also comment on the entertainment. Noticeably absent were the slot and poker machines you find everywhere in Vegas from the airport to the convenience stores. It was nice to find a place to drink a beer separated for lights, sirens and the sound of coins dropping out of machines. There is ample outdoor seating to compliment the spacious indoor bar. Outdoors patrons can pass the time playing ping-pong and a host of games supplied by Beerhaus at The Park.

If you are not the type for ping-pong, you are sure to be entertained by the live entertainment. During my visit, the band playing on the patio was one of the best cover bands I have ever heard in my life.  Watching the guitarist of the band perfectly bang out the violin solo of Charlie Danial’s “The Devil When Down To Georgia” on his Fender Telecaster made me forget for five minutes I was still working on my Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA.

To sum this up, Beerhaus at The Park has great beer, phenomenal food, and world class entertainment. Even you macro beer fans will find this to be a fun Vegas destination. While the beers you see advertised during the Super Bowl are absent from the tap the variety of offerings will accommodate any palate.


Beerhaus at The Park
3784 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109