Sam Adams Summer Ale and Boston Calling are the Perfect Pairing

Last weekend Boston’s premier music even Boston Calling made it’s the first trip through town. This annual Memorial Day mashup of music, comedy, food and beer has functions and events to entertain all. The event’s sponsors are as diverse as the people that attend the show. However, one sponsor that stepped up this year and every year is Boston Beer Company, the great people that bring us the Sam Adams line of beers.

Boston Calling was held on the Harvard University Athletic Complex this year. The bigger venue allowed sponsors and vendors more room to sell their wares and entertain festival goers. Boston Beer Company set up a cornhole tent that was one of the busiest sections of the vendor areas. It was great to see millennials to old geezers like myself challenging each other to matches as they sipped on ice cold Sam Adams Summer Ales.

It hit me as I started to sample food around the event how perfect this ale is for a food event. The Sam Adams Summer Ale paired very well with all of the food I tasted. In some cases, it paired up perfectly. Case in point I had a slice of one of the better fire grilled pepperoni pizzas I have had in years. The malt and grain played off of the bready crust while the sweetness of the malt played off the fresh tomato sauce. The kicker was how the pepperiness of the Grains of Paradice played off of the pepperoni. The crisp carbonation washed the cheese from my pallet preparing me for another bite of this pizza and sip of my Summer Ale.

Interestingly enough I have a conversation with a concert goer about how well the Sam Adams Summer Ale paired with his sushi. He spoke of how the lemon peel in the beer played perfectly with his fish. His girlfriend was quick to add how perfectly the pepper in the Sam Adams Summer Ale complemented her Spicy Crawfish Sushi Bowl from Love Art Sushi.

It is is very cool how Boston Beer Company aligned their summer offering with an event that to many signals the kick-off of summer. It is even cooler how the beer elevated all of our favourite summer foods. You can find out more about Sam Adams Summer Ale and the rest of Sam Adams’ beers on SamuelAdams.comTwitterFacebook or YouTube page.